Who Are WE?

WE specialize in working with purpose-driven companies, people, and organizations. We love solving complex problems. And, most importantly, we love helping and seeing people and organizations win.

FlowGLOBE encompasses the limitless imagination of childhood when anything seemed possible and whole worlds of possibility could exist in a snow globe. The name reflects the flow of creative energy that results from the meeting of your vision with your customers want and needs.

Who Are YOU?

YOU have a purpose-driven product service or dream. Whether you are at the earliest stage of product development, the exciting point of launch or are in the midst of a rebranding exercise, you need to create and tell your story.


OUR Flow
  • Purpose-driven Startup small to mid size
  • Educational Institution
  • Outdoor and Active Brand
  • Eco-friendly Product or Service
  • Health and Wellness Brand


For creative people - both on the client and agency side - there is an exciting moment when a concept is understood and takes flight. Ideas flow thick and fast and there is a feeling of unity and rich collaboration. It's a moment where the needs and desires of your company meets the needs and desires of your customer.

We call it "moment of synergy." It is an exciting feeling, and look forward to sharing it with you. It's what we live for.


You are ready for change. Not only that, you are aware that if you don't change, you'll be left behind. We'll come in and give you the tools, processes, and best practices to get you there.

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